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A Rigger's Need for Insurance

Rigging can be very dangerous, as it involves moving, lifting, positioning and installing objects that can often weigh several tons and/or come in large, awkward sizes. Rigging can involve extreme heights, unfriendly weather and potentially hazardous situations. Machinery, people, and business operations can be placed at risk, and this can result in a serious loss of money or a fatal injury to a person.

Reliable Insurance Companies : " Emery & Karrigan, Inc. Established in 1982 and licensed in 48 states, we have become the leading agency in the country for the placement of insurance for the crane & rigging, millwright industry and heavy hauling industries." ~quoted from website : " Alliance National Insurance "Due to the ever expanding marketplace and today's hard market business trends, we continually look for new ways to remain competitive. 

Just For Trucking

Just for Cranes "Insurance for all your commercial trucking needs." (taken from the home page) Allied Insurance Brokers, "For over 15 years, Allied has focused on providing insurance and risk management to crane businesses of all sizes." (from same page)

Did You Know?

Rigging insurance is a very specialized field, which is why it may be difficult to find local rigging insurance. When looking for an agent, be sure to check region-wide or nationwide. Compare rates and find who's the best for providing peace of mind for your rigging projects.