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Pump Operated Toe Jack - Two Jack Set

Pump Operated Toe Jack - Two Jack Set

Quick Info: Adjustable Toe Jack - Hydraulic - Pump Operated - 
(2) Two Jack Set - Set Capacities: 20 to 60 tons
Manufacturer/ Country of Origin: JUNG / Germany 
Application: Used in machine, cargo, heavy load lifting, rigging, relocating industrial machinery, moving shipyard equipment, moving items during bridge and plant construction,
emergency rescue lift or building collapse.
Description: Adjustable toe jack operated by external hydraulic pump. 
Use toe jack to grab under low clearance load with high strength, low profile thin toe. 
Quickly and conveniently adjust the toe height to any starting position. 
Stable and safe support in any position with slide shoe design and swivel feet, which adapt to available clearance. Lift with toe or with top loading plate. 
External pump allows operator to stand clear of danger, and operate toe jack safely from a distance. 
Toe jack and pump is outfitted with hydraulic male nipple.
Hydraulic hose is outfitted with female no-drip quick connectors at both ends.
Pump Types: Three (3) pump types are available to fit different jack sizes. Each pump is outfitted with (2) two front mounted nipples for quick and easy hose connection.
  • Hand Pump (H): Lightweight and robust - No need for electric power
  • Mini Electric Pump (E): Portable 1/4 hp electric pump (110 V) with push button lift feature - Advance / Return / Hold with power shut off
  • Professional Electric Pump (P): Portable with larger oil capacity and 1/2 hp electric motor (110 V) for larger jacks - Pressure gauge - 9 ft cable remote control - Advance / Return / Hold
Sets Include: (2) two toe jacks, (1) one pump, and (2) two hoses.

Click Here for further pictures, videos, technical information, and engineering drawings.

WARNING: When operating multiple jacks with pump, each jack has to carry the same weight or the jacks will not lift simultaneously. For uneven loads, operate each jack independently. Never exceed rated capacity!
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Model Set Capacity (tons) Pump Type Stroke (in) Jack Height Retracted (in) Min Toe Height Starting Position (in) Max Toe Height Starting Position (in) Usable Toe Depth (in) Hose Length (ft) Set Weight (lbs) Usually Ships Within Price More Info QTY
EX10Set2 20 Hand 6 10.8 0.6 7.1 2.2 9 157 Same Day $6,127.00 Details
EX10Set2E 20 Mini 6 10.8 0.6 7.1 2.2 9 148 Same Day $9,185.00 Details
EX20Set2 40 Pro 7.5 13.4 0.8 8.9 2.6 9 352 3 - 4 Weeks $15,314.00 Details
EX30Set2 60 Pro 8 16.8 0.8 12.2 2.6 9 494 Varies, please call $20,776.00 Details
Total: $0.00