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Industrial - Adjustable Width - Top Rigging Compatable

Industrial - Adjustable Width - Spreader Beams - Top Rigging Compatable

Quick Info: Adjustable Upper & Lower Shackles for Uneven Loads - Low Head Room Capability - Welded Steel Construction

Country of Origin: USA

Application: Ideal for lifting wide or unbalanced loads and safely keeps them level.

Description: The upper & lower adjustable bolt type anchor shackles stabilizes the load for safe, level lifting. 
The (1) one upper shackle is adjustable in 4 inch increments, while the (2) lower shackles adjust in 6 inch increments. 
Extra stability may be added by attaching a chain top rigging.

Quality Standard: Complies with ASME standards.

Industry Names: Also known as an 'adjustable spreader' or 'lifter bar'.

Includes: (1) one spreader beam with shackles 

WARNING: For use with 90° (degree) vertical hitches only - Do not side load hooks - Never exceed rated capacity! 
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  • Never exceed working load limits!