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Air Bearing Aluminum Type B set of 4 - Set Capacity 2 tons

Will not damage floors Air casters allow for precise positioning of your load Allows Omni-directional movement and side-positioning of your load Move delicate loads with extreme care
Deflated Height (in) 1.9 Effective Lift Height (in) 0.4 Module Dimension Length (in) 8 Module Dimension Width (in) 8 Rated Operating Pressure (psig) 30 Recommended Air Volume (scfm) 56 Req'd Size Plant Hookup (NPT) (in) 3/4 SKU Old AC0001 System Capacity (tons) 2 Usually Ships Within 5 - 7 days
Purchase Air Bearing Aluminum Type B set of 4 - Set Capacity 2 tons
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    Model: AE00010

    Usually Ships Within: 5 - 7 days


Information For Model AE00010

Item: Air Bearing - Aluminum - Type B - Set of 4 - Set Capacity: 2 tons

Application: Designed to float heavy loads over floors utilizing a thin film of pressurized air to provide a zero friction effect between the load and the floor 

Description: Type B air bearings designed to lift up loads and move laterally across floor surfaces - Originally based on technology licensed from The Boeing Company - Air bearings consist of a tough neoprene membrane attached to an aluminum frame - This diaphragm can give a relatively high lift - Type B air bearing can be used on level and less than perfectly level floors

Set Includes: (4) four load modules, (4) four 20 ft pneumatic hoses, (1) one control console to control pressure / volume to each air caster . 

WARNING: This system will only work on good floors -Cracks and seams in the floor surface should be filled or taped, as they will cause the air bearings to leak - Poor floors may cause lower load capacity and higher air consumption - Never exceed rated capacity!