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Air Bearing - Aluminum - Type B - Set of 6 - Set Capacity: 12.75 tons

Will not damage floors Air casters allow for precise positioning of your load Allows Omni-directional movement and side-positioning of your load Move delicate loads with extreme care
Deflated Height (in) 1.9 Effective Lift Height (in) 0.9 Module Dimension Length (in) 15 Module Dimension Width (in) 15 Rated Operating Pressure (psig) 30 Recommended Air Volume (scfm) 151 Req'd Size Plant Hookup (NPT) (in) 43163 SKU Old AC0017 System Capacity (tons) 12.75 Usually Ships Within 5 - 7 days
Purchase Air Bearing - Aluminum - Type B - Set of 6 - Set Capacity: 12.75 tons
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    Model: AE00100

    Usually Ships Within: 5 - 7 days


Information For Model AE00100

Item: Air Bearing - Aluminum - Type B - Set of 6. Set Capacity: 12.75 tons 

Application: Designed to float heavy loads over floors utilizing a thin film of pressurized air to provide a zero friction effect between the load and the floor 

Description: Type B air bearings designed to lift up loads and move laterally across floor surfaces. Originally based on technology licensed from The Boeing Company. Air bearings consist of a tough neoprene membrane attached to an aluminum frame. This diaphragm can give a relatively high lift. Type B air bearing can be used on level and less than perfectly level floors

Set Includes: (6) six load modules, (6) six 20 ft pneumatic hoses, (1) one control console to control pressure / volume to each air caster

WARNING: This system will only work on good floors -Cracks and seams in the floor surface should be filled or taped, as they will cause the air bearings to leak. Poor floors may cause lower load capacity and higher air consumption. Never exceed rated capacity!