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Aircraft Cable - Vinyl Coated Galvanized - 5/16" - Capacity 7,000 lbs - Length 300 ft

High flexibility for easily making loops Low fatigue rate for use with pulleys and sheaves Galvanized steel cable with a vinyl sleeve Meets Federal specifications and standards
Alternate Name 1 Wire Rope Breaking Strength (lbs) 7000 Cable Diameter (in) 5/16 Industry Name Aircaft Cable Length (ft) 300 SKU Old A2079 Usually Ships Within 3 - 7 days Weight (lbs) 52
Purchase Aircraft Cable - Vinyl Coated Galvanized - 5/16" - Capacity 7,000 lbs - Length 300 ft
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    Model: AS10950

    Usually Ships Within: 3 - 7 days


Information For Model AS10950

Item: Aircraft Cable - Vinyl Coated Galvanized Steel - 7 x 19 - Breaking Strength: 7,000 lbs - Length: 300 feet  - Cable Diameter: 5/16 inches

Application: Used for pulling and pushing applications - For use with pulleys, sheaves, and winches - NOT for use with aircraft controls - NOT for lifting or suspending of loads

Description: The Vinyl Coated Galvanized Steel Aircraft Cable has a 7x19 construction. The 7x19 construction consists of 1 core cluster of 19 strands of cable surrounded by 6 clusters of 19 strands of cable (see picture of cross section below). This aircraft cable is more flexible than 1x7, 1x19, or 7x7 construction. The aircraft cable is very flexible for creating loops, and has a low fatigue rate for use with pulleys and sheaves.

The cable itself is galvanized, then coated with a vinyl sleeve. While the galvanization supplies durability and weather resistance, the vinyl coating provides the aircraft cable with an extra layer of weather protection. It further guards against damaging the galvanization’s zinc coating, therefore the cable is best suited as a short or long-term safety or securing line that does not experience any wear and tear during use.

Quality: Industrial-use quality and strength - Stronger and more durable than a standard home-use wire rope cable - Manufactured in according to Federal Specification RR-W-410E and A.S.T.M. A 1023/A 1023M, as applicable

Accessories: Use optional thimbles and rope clips (see 'accessories' below table) to secure the wire rope.

Includes: (1) one aircraft cable

WARNING: The name aircraft cable suggests uses in airplanes, however this wire rope cable is NOT for use in aircrafts, nor for lifting or suspending of loads! - This high strength wire rope cable is designed for pulling and securing in construction, industrial and marine applications - Never exceed rated capacity!