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Battery Powered - Machine Skates

Battery Powered - Machine Skates

Items: Machine Skates - Battery Powered - Patented JUWAthan and JUWAmid Rollers - Capacity: 30 tons 

Application: Self-propelled transport machine skate system designed for moving heavy loads - Skate system eliminates the need for forklifts or other types of tuggers - Great for tight spaces

Description: Powered by an onboard battery pack - Remotely control the front steerable skate with seamless variable speeds and 360° (degrees) of maneuverability - Front skate provides propulsion and is freely steerable under full load - Maximum speed of 21 feet per minute under full load - Wireless remote control regulates forward / reverse / stop, left / right motion, and speed - Two (2) straight line non-powered skates follow in the rear - High run time of 5-6 hours under full load with a low full charging time of 1.5 hours

Roller Type: 
  • Patented JUWAthan and Patented JUWAmid Rollers: Provides non-floor damaging traction and easy rolling 
Quality Standard: 5 year warranty on non-electrical components - 1 year warranty on electrical components

Includes: (1) one battery powered steerable front skate, (2) two straight-line non-powered skates with connecting bars, (1) one wireless remote control (with battery, 110V charger, and belt holder), and (1) one high performance 110V charger 

WARNING: Never exceed rated capacity!
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Model Load Capacity (tons) Pull Capacity (tons) Height (in) Max speed at full load (ft/min) Run Time (hrs) Charge Time (hrs) Weight (lbs) Usually Ships Within Price More Info QTY
JU00120 30 30 7.1 21 ft. / minute 5 - 6 1.5 375 4 weeks $69,836.00 Details
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