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Bison Forge 2-in-1 Dollies with Lifting Forks

Bison Forge 2-in-1 Dollies with Lifting Forks

Quick Info: Bison Forge 2-in-1 Machine Dollies - Set of (2) Two - Set Capacities: 3,960 to 9,900 lbs - Lifts & Rolls Without Additional Equipment

Application: Moves rectangular shaped loads like industrial control panels, industrial electrical panels, large heavy safes, server cabinets, or refrigerators.

Description: The adjustable width forks grab under the load, and easily lifts and lowers with a built-in hand operated hydraulic jack. 
Outfitted with anti-slip raised grip points on the end of the forks to add stability and support, and hooks for the attachment of ratchet-strap load binders.
The swivel casters and extra large wheels allow for easy rolling in any direction. 
Dollies come standard with a foam padding touchpoint to protect the load from scratches, and a detachable handle.

How to Operate: Position the forks of one dolly under the available clearance of the load, then repeat on other side with the second dolly. Strap the load flush to the dollies with ratchet tie-down straps. Jack the load up to desired height, and roll in any direction you wish. 

Roller Type:
  • Polyurethane-on-Steel: Will not damage or mark smooth, finished, or sealed floors while resisting most chemicals and oils. Withstands permanent flat spots in the tread and rejects floor debris.

Industry Names: Also known as 'hydraulic lifting dollies'.

Set Includes: (2) two individual dollies with (2) two 16 ft straps

WARNING: Be aware of run-away danger due to 360 degree free swiveling casters. Never exceed rated capacity!
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Model Capacity Per Pair (lbs) Wheel Diameter (in) Stroke (in) Fork Thickness (in) Fork Length (in) Fork Span Min to Max (in) Overall LxDxH (in) Strap length (ft) Weight Per Pair (lbs) Usually Ships Within Price More Info QTY
BF00010 3960 6 6 0.79 5.09 5 - 17 in 23.2 x 16.5 x 38.2 16 297 Same Day $2,142.85 Details
BF00020 5940 8 6 0.79 5.09 1 - 19 in 23.2 x 18.9 x 40.9 16 352 Same Day $2,642.85 Details
BF00030 7920 8.5 6 0.79 5.09 8 - 18 in 23.2 x 18.9 x 42.9 16 421 Same Day $3,214.28 Details
BF00040 9900 8.75 6 0.79 5.09 8 - 19 in 24 x 18.9 x 47.2 16 476 Same Day $3,428.57 Details
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