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Swivel Tops - Sets - Boerkey Rollers - KK Series

Swivel Tops - Sets - Boerkey Rollers - KK Series

Quick Info: Boerkey Rollers - Complete Sets - Capacities: 40 to 120 tons

Manufacturer / Country of Origin: Boerkey / Made in Germany

Application: Used as toolset by machinery movers when rollers are loaded and off-loaded frequently, or loads are rolled over short distances - Transports equipment and loads on smooth concrete, asphalt, or steel plates and tracks - Use for material handling, machine installation, maintenance, and repair

Description: Boerkey Rollers are made to transport heavy loads on steel chain rollers - Non-mounted and versatile, may be used with or without the swivel top - With the swivel top, the rollers can be turned using the optional steering handle - Without the swivel top, the rollers have a low profile allowing the transport of loads underneath low head clearances - Includes a metal storage case - *NOTE: Larger rollers are available in the Single Roller catagory without the metal case

  • Top Styles: Models with capacities 40 - 120 tons are outfitted with PADDED tops
  • Roller Construction: Solid interlocking carbon steel frame - Hardened steel roller wheels
  • Corrosion Resistance: Blackened wheels and zinc-phosphate coated frame for basic corrosion resistance
  • Maximum Speed: 16 feet per minute
  • Rolling Resistance: 4-7% of load weight on steel surface

Model Series / Manufacturer's Part Number: KK-Series / Kit N-Series

Industry Names: Also known as 'machine skates'

Includes: (4) four steel chain rollers, (4) four swivel padded tops, (4) four steering handles, and (1) one metal case

ATTENTION! Before You Buy: Boerkey Rollers are made to run on a solid surface such as steel. High rolling resistance on certain surface types, or resulting floor scratching may be avoided by choosing models with a larger load wheel diameter. Listed capacities and rolling resistance is provided for steel surfaces.

WARNING: When using (4) four or more rollers the load may rock on uneven surfaces, increasing the load weight applied to any roller - Select a suitable rated roller capacity carefully - Never exceed rated capacity!

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Model Set Capacity (tons) Capacity Each Roller (tons) Length (in) Width (in) Wheel Diameter (in) Roller Height with top (in) Roller Height without top_(in) Weight (lbs) Usually Ships Within Price More Info QTY
BY00020 40 10 8.3 3.9 0.7 4.3 2.6 106 Same Day $1,466.00 Details
BY00030 60 15 8.7 4.4 0.9 4.6 3 123 Same Day $1,570.00 Details
BY00010 120 30 10.6 5.1 1.2 5.5 3.6 198 Same Day $1,798.00 Details
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