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Mastering the Lift: The Center of Gravity for Riggers 
In the world of rigging, a balanced lift is a safe lift. The key to achieving balance lies in understanding the 
center of gravity (CG) of your load. This guide cuts through the complex jargon and gets straight to the practical importance of CG for riggers.

Why CG Matters:
Understanding CG:
Finding CG: Simple Doesn't Mean Easy
Uniform Loads: For loads with a uniform cross-section (think pipes or beams), the CG is conveniently located right in the middle of the length.
Uneven Weight Distribution: Things get trickier with unevenly distributed weight. Here's a practical method to find the CG:
  1. Make an educated guess: Based on the load's shape and weight distribution, estimate the CG location and attach lifting slings accordingly.
  2. Trial and Error: Slowly lift the load and observe for rotation. 
  3. Stable Lift? Great, proceed with the lift!
  4. Uneven Lift? The CG is off-center. Move the attachment point towards the "low" end of the load and try again.
  5. Repeat until balanced: Continue adjusting the attachment point until the load lifts evenly and stably.
Remember: A load will always rotate around its CG. This principle forms the foundation for safe hoisting practices.

Master the Fundamentals, Ensure Safe Lifting!
By understanding and applying CG principles, riggers can ensure safe and efficient lifting operations.