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Chain Slings: Durable Lifting Solutions

Chain slings are a reliable workhorse in the lifting industry, favored for their:

  • Superior Durability: They can withstand abrasions from sharp edges, making them ideal for heavy-duty environments like steel mills and machine shops.
  • Unmatched Flexibility: Their ease of maneuverability allows for efficient lifting around obstacles.
  • Repairable Design: Damaged chain slings can be repaired by certified professionals (with proper testing and re-certification).

Built to Last:

  • High-strength alloy steel construction ensures longevity.
  • Available in various grades (e.g., Grade 80 and Grade 100) to accommodate different weight capacities.
  • Permanently marked with vital information for easy identification, including size, grade, rated capacity, and manufacturer.

Safety Matters:

  • Always ensure all chain slings used together are of the same type and grade.
  • Verify the sling's rated capacity is sufficient for the weight of the load.
  • Regularly inspect slings for signs of damage and remove them from service if necessary.

Choosing the Right Sling:

While chain slings offer undeniable advantages, other sling materials like wire rope or synthetic fibers might be better suited for specific lifting tasks. Consider consulting a professional to determine the ideal sling type for your application.