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Commercial - Medium Pressure - Inflatable jacks - Individual bags & fittings

Commercial - Medium Pressure - Inflatable jacks - Individual bags & fittings

Items: Inflatable Jacks - Medium Pressure - Commercial - Individual Bags & Fittings - Load Capacities: 4.2 to 16.5 tons 

Application: For lifting of machines, fire and rescue, civil defense, cargo, heavy objects, rigging, lift truck service, relocating industrial machinery, and moving shipyard equipment   

How It Works: Use compressed air from a portable air tank or air compressor to blow up the inflatable bag like a balloon, in turn raising heavy loads sitting on top

Description: Kevlar-Neoprene composite construction for unmatched durability and strength - Built to stand up to abrasion, puncture, and tears - Resists many gasses and chemicals, both petroleum and water based - Operating Pressure 14 psi (20 psi max), portable air tank or compressor operated - Large anti-slip surface - Unlike the high pressure bags, the medium pressure bags give you full capacity even when fully inflated - Use on hard or soft ground - For medium duty / commercial applications

Industry Names: Also known as a 'mat jack', or a 'lifting bag'

Includes: (1) one individual air bag jack and fittings (all components sold separately) 

Optional Accessories: Control box controls the advance, hold, and retracting of the air bag - Controls are outfitted with pressure relief valves - Double control box allows for independent or simultaneous operation of one or more airbags - Air supply hose connects the control box to the air bag - Compressor hose connects the compressor or air tank to the control box - Portable air tank or air bottle may require a regulator at the tank to regulate the air coming out of the tank

Not Included: Regulator for Air Bottle is sold separately as an optional accessory. 

WARNING: Never exceed rated capacity!
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Model Load Capacity (tons) Lift Height (in) Deflated Length (in) Deflated Width (in) Deflated Height (in) Weight (lbs) Usually Ships Within Price More Info QTY
MJ00470 4.2 18 24 24 1 20 2 - 3 weeks $3,000.00 Details
MJ00480 6.5 24 30 30 1 30 2 - 3 weeks $3,450.00 Details
MJ00490 9 24 36 36 4 50 2 - 3 weeks $4,300.00 Details
MJ00500 16.5 37 48 48 5 70 2 - 3 weeks $5,450.00 Details
Total: $0.00

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Medium Pressure Lifting Cushions require only 1-3 inches clearance for insertion with the main advantage over low pressure cushions being they provide heavier tonnage lifting capacities for similar size low pressure cushions while requiring less work area and taking up less storage space. The Medium Pressure Lifting Bags work best in cantilever or "hinged" style lifts, but can also be used for vertical lifting if rigged correctly so lateral movement of the weight being lifted is restricted. The inflatable air bags work on volume rather than pressure to create the lift, working at 15 psi / 1 bar of pressure and can lift as much as 35,000 lbs./ 15,900 kgs. up to 40”/ 1000mm, which is the major difference between low and medium pressure cushions. Both provide more height than high pressure for accessibility with the medium pressure lifting providing more weight capacity than low pressure due to the higher operating pressure. These medium pressure inflatable jacks unlike the high pressure air lifting bags, lift the weight they are rated for the full height of the cushion. 2 year warranty, but with normal care and maintenance, they should work well over 20 years trouble free. CE certified.