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JUNG - Confined Space Toe Jack - Set - 2 Jacks w HAND Pump - Set Capacity 10 tons / 20,000 lbs

JUNG - Confined Space Toe Jack - Set - 2 Jacks w HAND Pump - Set Capacity 10 tons / 20,000 lbs

Model: C5Set2
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Quick Info

  • Meets or exceeds ANSI/ASME B30.4
  • Lift with toe or lift with top loading plate
  • Operate machinery jacks from a distance with an external pump
  • Pumps with 2 connection nipples to operate 1 or 2 jacks simultaneously
  • Fitted with instant and drip-free hose connectors.
Product Description & Specifications

Product Description

Manufacturer/Country of Origin: JUNG / Germany

Application: Use vertically for lifting, and horizontally for pushing and separating. Machine, cargo, heavy load lifting, rigging, lift truck service, relocating industrial machinery, moving shipyard equipment, moving items during bridge and plant construction, emergency rescue lift after earthquake, or building collapse.

Description: Operates horizontally or vertically by an external hydraulic pump. Designed with a small footprint and is for use with external pump. Lift with toe or top loading plate. Feet adapt to available clearance for safe support. External pump allows operator to stand clear of danger and operate toe jack safely from a distance. Toe jack and pump are outfitted with hydraulic male nipple. Hydraulic hose is outfitted with female no-drip quick connectors at both ends.

Pump Type: Outfitted with (2) two front mounted nipples for quick and easy hose connections.
  • Hand Pump: Lightweight and robust. No need for electric power.
Set Includes: (2) two toe jacks, (1) one pump, and (2) two hoses

WARNING: When operating multiple jacks with pump, each jack has to carry the same weight or the jacks will not lift simultaneously. For uneven loads, operate each jack independently. Never exceed rated capacity!


  • Capacity (lbs) 20,000
  • Capacity (tons) 10
  • Capacity of Each Jack (tons) 5
  • Certifications Meets ASME B30.1
  • Hose Length (ft) 6
  • Jack Base LxW (in) 8.4 x 5.7
  • Jack Height Extended (in) 23.2
  • Jack Height Retracted (in) 13.8
  • Length (in) 6.7
  • Manufacturer JUNG
  • Pump Type Hand
  • Set Capacity (tons) 10
  • Set Weight (lbs) 77
  • Stroke (in) 9.4
  • Toe Height (in) 0.5
  • Usable Toe Depth (in) 1.6
  • Usable Toe DxW (in) 1.6 x 1.8
  • Usually Ships Within Same Day
  • Weight Per Jack (lbs) 22
  • Weight of Pump (lbs) 29
  • Working Pressure (psi) 7540 psi