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Cribbing Step Chock

Cribbing Step Chock

Country of Origin: Made in the USA

Application: For stabilization of vehicles or heavy loads during fire and rescue operations and where incremental lifting is necessary.

Description: Five-tiered staircase shaped cribbing blocks. 

Lightweight and quick to set up when time is crucial. Long life under toughest working conditions. 

Not susceptible to splitting, rot, corrosion, mold, or attracting insects. Resistant to oil and chemicals. 

Blocks are designed for stacking with interlocking and non-slip surfaces. 

Various sizes available. Certified and tested, stamped with working load limit. 100% recycled plastic. 

Carrying lanyard attached.

Quality / Safety Standard: Made in the USA. Bears tag with working load limit. Certified and Tested. Complies with OSHA standard 1910.1200.

Includes: (1) one cribbing step chock

WARNING: Never exceed rated capacity!

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Model Capacity (lbs) Base Length (in) Base Width (in) Top Width (in) Height (in) Weight (lbs) Usually Ships Within Price More Info QTY
AM00300 5,732 24.75 5.75 3.75 10.75 15 10 - 12 weeks $373.58 Details
AM00310 9,700 29.5 9 4.5 17.25 35 10 - 12 weeks $743.80 Details
AM00320 9,700 31.5 11 5 22 62 10 - 12 weeks $1,348.33 Details
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