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Understanding Units: Conversions and Calculations

Measuring Oil Capacity

Fluid Ounces (fl.oz.) = Cubic inches ( x 0.554

Cubic Inches = Fluid Ounces / 0.554

1 Gallon = 128 Fluid Ounces

1 Gallon = 131 Cubic Inches (

Oil flow (Flow Rate) - How fast will the pump raise the cylinder?

The oil flow (also called "flow rate") is the amount of oil, the pump delivers to the cylinder (... for hand pumps with one hand stroke, ... for electric and air pumps per minute). The larger the flow rate, the faster the cylinder will rise.

Some pumps are equipped with double speed: With the cylinder unloaded, the pump delivers a high volume of oil for fast cylinder speed. Once the load is engaged, the pump automatically switches to the slower high pressure lifting stage.

How many hand strokes are required for a hand pump to raise a cylinder?

Hand strokes = Cylinder oil capacity / oil flow