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Double Leg Chain Sling with Grab Hook - Chain Size - 3/8 in - Length 6 ft

Double leg with grab hooks attached to ends Constructed from alloyed steel Complies with OSHA and ASME B30.9 Made in the USA
Alternate Name 1 Crane Chain Sling Capacity at 30 Degrees (tons) 4.4 Capacity at 45 Degrees (tons) 6.2 Capacity at 60 Degrees (tons) 7.6 Chain Size (in) 3/8 Industry Name Chain Sling Length (ft) 6 Master Link - inside length (in) 5.5 Master Link - inside width (in) 2.75 Master Link - thickness (in) 0.75 SKU Old A0233 Usually Ships Within 3 - 7 days Weight (lbs) 26
Purchase Double Leg Chain Sling with Grab Hook - Chain Size - 3/8 in - Length 6 ft
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    Model: AS02880

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Information For Model AS02880

Item: Chain Sling - Double Leg. With Grab Hooks. Chain Size: 3/8 inch. Capacities: 4.4 to 7.6 tons. Length: 6 feet

Type: Industry type designation: DOG chain sling

Steel Grade: Made from grade 100 steel

Application: Used for general purpose overhead lifting adaptable for bridle hitch arrangement with double pick points

Country of Origin: USA

Description: The alloy steel chain sling incorporates an oblong master link, two chains and leg-end fittings. Components are powder coated and mechanically assembled. The complete assembly is tested and tagged with the rated capacity. Colors may vary.

The chain and components are made from alloyed steel. This means that additional elements are added to plain carbon steel to improve the mechanical characteristics for greater strength.

These assemblies employing steel chain are resistant against a load's sharp edges that can be abrading to other softer sling materials. The chain slings is the most durable type of sling and is easily repaired in the event of damage. Chain slings are ideal for harsh environments such as steel mills, foundries, and machine shops.

Quality: Made and proof load tested in the USA. Complying with OSHA requirements, each assembly bears a permanently affixed tag displaying the rated capacity. Meets or exceeds overhead lifting safety standards under ASME B30.9

Alternative Names: Also called a Rigging or Crane Lifting Sling

The Difference: Low quality slings can cause injury and damage. Look-alike chain slings often found at lower prices are also often advertised to conform to the same safety standards (if at all). Be aware that it may refer to safety ratings in effect decades ago. So for example, under the same safety standard a decade ago, a chain sling may be rated to 100% without proof load testing while today it may be 300% with proof load testing. Be assured that we only sell the highest quality chain slings and our advertised safety standards conform to the current ASME standards.

Includes: (1) one chain sling

WARNING:  Never exceed rated capacity!