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Economy Load Moving Skate - 6 ton set capacity

Designed not to slip out from under the load Adjustable distance between rear dollies Thrust bearing supported turntable for easy turning on front dolly Pull by hand, or attach to forklift
Connecting Bar Length (in) 38 Height (in) 4.3 Pull Handle Length (in) 38 SKU Old HL003 Set Capacity (tons) 6 Set Weight (lbs) 64 Usually Ships Within Same Day
Purchase Economy Load Moving Skate - 6 ton set capacity
  • $899.00

    Model: HL00020

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Information For Model HL00020

Item: 3 Point Roller Machine Dollies - Complete Set - Economy - Set Capacity: 6 tons - Nylon Rollers

Application: Designed to move heavy loads from point A to point B - Intended for occasional movement of factory machines, large equipment, oversized crates, industrial equipment, non-critical moves, and general material handling applications

Description:  Load center of gravity is kept very low - Load weight is spread over a generous area to protect floors - All roller dollies are outfitted with non-slip pads on their tops - 3-Point dolly system is designed not to slip out from under the load, even under pulling and tugging - Additional modules can be added to further stabilize large loads - Pulling handle included
  • Front: Freely steerable - Comes with a thrust bearing supported turntable, allowing for free steering without needing to stop and reposition to turn - Pull by hand or attach them to a forklift for towing
  • Rear: Distance between the rear dollies is adjustable - Can be connected using the spreader bar to ensure that the dollies will be kept parallel - Use of connecting bar is highly recommended for optimal stability
Roller Type: 
  • Nylon: All-purpose wheel that is floor protective, very durable, but may mark floors
Sets Include: (1) one steerable front dolly with pulling handle, and (2) two straight-line rear dollies with connecting bar

WARNING: Never exceed rated capacity!