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Felt Wear Pad - Sliding Sleeve

Felt Wear Pad - Sliding Sleeve - For Flat Slings

Items: Cordura Sliding Wear Pad Sleeves - Flat Slings - For Sling Sizes: 2 to 10 inches - Sleeve Widths: 4 to 12 inches - Lengths: 1 to 3 feet 

Application: Designed for flat synthetic slings - Slides over top of sling - Provides an abrasion resistant protective surface for sharp or rough edges - Keeps the lifting strands of your synthetic sling safe from cuts, rips, or tears - Ideal for any lift that involves rough abrasive surfaces 

Description: Synthetic Armor Pads protect slings from abrasion damage caused by contact with rough surfaces such as concrete beams and structures - Also used to protect finished or painted loads from marring - Made to fit any length or width sling - May also be made in long lengths that can cut into suitable sizes on the job - Double or triple thickness provides resistance for more severe conditions 

Quality Standard: Sewn in the USA - Name of the manufacturer sewn-in for traceability and quality assurance - Each sleeve is sewn to order 

Industry Names: Also known as a 'sliding wear sleeve pad'

Includes: (1) one sleeve 

WARNING: Do not use for cut protection! - For abrasion protection only!
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