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Forklift Hitch Educational Content 

Explaining 'Capacity' and 'Drawbar Capacity'

If you push your car you may exert 100 lbs of pushing force to move your 3,000 lbs car. The 100 lbs is the pushing/pulling force, i.e. the 'drawbar' force, as it applies to a puller. The 'load capacity' of the tires is 3,000 lbs, to carry the load weight. How much force the car requires to start rolling depends on its rolling resistance. Tires with low rolling resistance may only require 100 lbs of force, while a car with high rolling resistance may require 200 lbs. Applying this concept to the forklift hitch, the 'drawbar capacity' is the pulling force the hitch can exert. The 'load capacity' is the load weight sitting on top of the dollies being pushed or pulled.