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Forklift Turntable

Forklift Turntable

Items: Forklift Turntable for Dollies - Capacity: Up to 15 tons

Manufacturer / Country of Origin:  JUNG / Germany

Description: Designed to allow the operator to move heavy loads while having the load in front of him - Standard application tows the load which limits visibility - Forklift Turntable attachment provides better visibility and gives the operator better control over positioning and placement of loads

Operation: The Forklift Hitch will fit any forks up to a 6 inch width. Place the Forklift Turntable of top of the forks positioned on the anti-slip pad on the bottom of the turn table.

Understanding Capacity: The drawbar force is the pushing/pulling force exerted. It is not the load weight capacity. For example: A 10 ton load (load capacity) on dollies with a 10% break-out rolling resistance will require 1 ton of drawbar force, i.e. you need to push with 1 ton of force to get the load rolling. The advertised 'load capacity' is the load weight when used with the same manufacturer’s dollies since the rolling resistance is known. Manufacturer: JUNG. If used with another type or brand of dollies please determine the rolling resistance of your dollies and verify that the drawbar capacity is adequate.

Includes: (1) one forklift turntable

WARNING: Turntable height must match the height of the dollies being use for the move. Failure to match height can result in uneven load transfer and cause failures - Never exceed rated capacity!

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