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Heavy Duty - Hand Chain Hoist

Heavy Duty - Hand Chain Hoist

Items: Hoists - Hand Chain - Heavy Duty - Overload Protection - Capacities: 0.5 to 30 tons - Standard Lifts: 10 & 20 feet
Application: Used for lifting and pulling applications - Designed for low headroom applications - Provides maximum lift in confined spaces - Ideal for frequent use
Description: Hand wheel design enables the chain to feed directly into the wheel sprocket from many angles and directions. 
Operator can use the lifting hoist while standing to the side, or even above the load, without fear of jamming the chain.
Outfitted with a load holding weather proof Weston Brake. 
Gears are protected from contamination and debris. 
Features an overload protection mechanism to prevent misuse and to reduce the risk of injuries. 
Hand and load chain are electro-zinc plated to provide a non-oily durable finish. 
Housing is powder coated against corrosion. Requires 20% to 30% less effort than similar hoists .
All gears and shafts have maintenance free lubrication roller bearings. 
Safety latches on the hooks can easily be changed out. 
Can be quickly disassembled for fast and easy maintenance. 
Top hook rotates to accommodate the rotation of the hoist. 
Lower hook is outfitted with a thrust bearing to allow easy rotation of the load while suspended. 
Lower block is included with multi-strand hoists.
Safety Standards: Triple tested to 150% of the hoist’s rating, and then the overload is set - Comes with a serial number specific test certificate - Housing bears a stainless steel riveted ID Tag displaying the capacity - Meets or exceeds the following safety standards: CE, AS 1418.2, ANSI B30.21 and ANSI B30.16
Includes: (1) one hoist

WARNING:  Never exceed rated capacity!
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Product Education

  • Never exceed working load limits!
  • Standard lift refers to the distance traveled by hook from extended to retracted.

Overload Protection

The overload protection mechanism prevents the operator from overloading the hoist. When the hoist senses too much weight, it will not allow further pulling or hoisting. Lower the load, if lifting, or release the load, if pulling.

How NOT to attach hook!

How NOT to attach load!