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Heavy Duty Ratchet Jacks

Heavy Duty Ratchet Jacks

Quick Info: Heavy Duty Ratchet Jacks - Mechanical - Hand Operated - Load Capacities: 5 to 15 tons

Application: For use in the field and remote locations. Use for lightweight lifting, and secure load holding when weight and size restrictions are a priority.

Description: Designed for stability in the field and on rugged terrain. 

Lighter weight and more rugged than their oil filled hydraulic alternatives. 

Pumping action turns gears to raise the lifting shaft. Features a large base to insure a firm foundation. 

Double-lever sockets for jacking when space as at a premium. Multiple-tooth pawls provide safety and strength. 

Manufactured with high quality materials; drop-forged alloy steel, heat-treated components, adjustable spring links, and precision machining. 

Plated springs resist corrosion. 

No compromise dual lift points enable lifting from the toe or head at the full ton lift capacity. 

Safe and easy operation. Two (2) position direction switch; set to 'lift' and pump to desired height, or 'lower' to safely lower the load by pumping it down.

Industry Names: Also known as 'railroad jacks', 'notch jacks', 'utility jacks', 'hand crank jacks', or 'farm jacks'.

ATTENTION: Before purchasing, please consider the 'handle effort per ton of load' as listed in the table with each item. What this means for you: Assume the handle effort per ton is 10 lbs. If you lift 5 tons of weight, you need to push the pumping handle with 50 lbs of force (10 lbs x 5) each time you pump.

Includes: (1) one ratchet jack  Steel pumping handle sold separately.

WARNING: Never exceed rated capacity!

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