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Industrial - High Pressure - Inflatable jacks - Complete Kits

Industrial - High Pressure - Inflatable jacks - Complete Kits

Items: Inflatable Jacks - High Pressure - Industrial - Complete Kits - Set Capacities: 6 to 70 tons 

Application: For lifting of machines, cargo, heavy objects, rigging, lift truck service, relocating industrial machinery and moving shipyard equipment 

How It Works: Use shop air inside plant or air compressors in the field to blow up the inflatable bag like a balloon, in turn raising heavy loads sitting on top

Description: Steel reinforced construction with higher strength and longer durability than Aramid only construction - Material will stand up to abrasion, puncture, tear and resist many gasses and chemicals, both petroleum and water based - Operating pressure 120 psi - Shop air operated - Large anti-slip surface - Use on hard or soft ground - For heavy duty / industrial applications

Industry Names: Also called a 'mat jack', or 'lifting bag'

Kit Includes: (1) one inflatable jack, (1) one shut-off valve, (1) one control box with pressure gauge and pressure relief valve, and (1) one 20 ft air supply hose

Optional Accessories: Control box controls the advance, hold, and retracting of the air bag - Controls are outfitted with pressure relief valves - Double control box allows for independent or simultaneous operation of one or more airbags - Air supply hose connects the control box to the air bag - Compressor hose connects the compressor or air tank to the control box - Portable air tank or air bottle may require a regulator at the tank to regulate the air coming out of the tank

Not Included: 'Regulator for Air Bottle' is sold separately as an optional accessory

WARNING: Never exceed rated capacity!
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Model Load Capacity (tons) Lift Height (in) Deflated Length (in) Deflated Width (in) Deflated Height (in) Weight (lbs) Usually Ships Within Price More Info QTY
MJ00120 6 4.5 10 10 1 16 Same Day $1,141.67 Details
MJ00130 13 7.5 15 15 1 25 Same Day $1,390.00 Details
MJ00140 22 9.5 20 20 1 38 Same Day $1,644.00 Details
MJ00150 32 11 21 25 1 45 Same Day $1,825.00 Details
MJ00160 37 9 16 42 1 53 2 weeks $2,056.00 Details
MJ00170 50 15 29 29 1 73 Same Day $2,466.00 Details
MJ00180 70 18 34 34 1 91 Same Day $3,029.00 Details
Total: $0.00

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Control Box with pressure
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