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Industrial - High Pressure - Inflatable Jacks - Individual Bags & Fittings

Industrial - High Pressure - Inflatable Jacks - Individual Bags & Fittings

Quick Info: Air Lifting Bags - Individual Bags & Fittings - High Pressure - Industrial Duty

Application: Inflate bags with an air compressor or other shop air to raise heavy loads.

Designed for fire rescue procedures, lifting of machines, cargo, heavy objects, rigging, lift truck service, relocating industrial machinery, and moving shipyard equipment. 

Description: An Aramid bag reinforced with an inner layer of steel mesh for extreme high strength and durability. 

Material will stand up to abrasions, punctures, tears, and resists many gasses and chemicals, both petroleum and water based. 

The large anti-slip exterior of the bag enables use on hard or soft surfaces. 

Each bag has a distinct 'bull's eye' with tonnage rating for quick centering under the load.  

Industry Names: Also known as a 'mat jack' or 'lifting bag'.

Includes: (1) one inflatable jack, and (1) one shut-off valve

WARNING: Never exceed rated capacity!

Optional Accessories:

  • Single Control Box: Controls the advance, hold, and retracting of the air bag - Outfitted with pressure gauge and relief valve
  • Double Control Box: Allows for independent or simultaneous operation of one or two air bags - Outfitted with pressure gauge and relief valve
  • Shut-Off Valve: Manually shuts off air intake to inflated bag
  • Air Supply Hose: Connects the control box to the air bag 
  • Regulator for Air Bottle: Regulates the psi on portable air bottles

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Model Load Capacity (tons) Air Pressure Required (psi) Lift Height (in) Deflated Length (in) Deflated Width (in) Deflated Height (in) Weight (lbs) Usually Ships Within Price More Info QTY
MJ00010 6 70 4.5 10 10 1.25 6 Same Day $760.36 Details
MJ00020 13 70 7.5 15 15 1.25 15 Same Day $1,107.27 Details
MJ00030 22 70 9.5 20 20 1.25 28 2 - 3 Weeks $1,341.82 Details
MJ00040 32 70 11 21 25 1.25 35 Same Day $1,659.27 Details
MJ00060 50 70 15 29 29 1.25 63 Same Day $2,362.91 Details
MJ00070 70 70 18 34 34 1.25 81 Same Day $2,906.18 Details
MJ00520 86 70 24 42 42 1.25 118 3 - 4 Weeks $3,488.73 Details
Total: $0.00

Product Education

Lifting bags can be used flat on the ground as well as cribbed. Note: The shape of the air bags vary with capacity.


How to connect the system: 

Inflatable air jacks may be used on the ground, as well as cribbed or blocked. Single or double control boxes may be connected to the inflatable jacks for (1) one or (2) two bag operating systems. The control box activates inflation and deflation, and is outfitted with an air pressure gauge and relief valve.  The manual shut-off valve stops air intake and holds the bag inflated.  

Understanding Capacity:

Lift capacity is dependent on the effective area.  When the bag is flat, it has the largest surface contact area with the floor and the load. As the bag is inflated, taking the shape of a balloon, the surface contact area becomes less, reducing the lift capacity. The ‘50/50 rule’ applies to inflatable jack air bags: the bag will deliver 50% of the capacity at 50% of the maximum lift height.

Avoiding Point-Loading

Consider using a plate between the load and the bag if the load contact surface is not flat. Not only will this protect the bag against point loading, it will also provide a larger surface contact area to deliver a higher lift capacity.