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Industrial Lifting Dollies

Industrial Lifting Dollies

Quick Info: Industrial Lifting Dollies - Set of (2) Two - Capacity per Pair: 3,950 lbs - Polyurethane Rollers

Country of Origin: Made in Germany

Application:  All in one capability of lifting, rolling, & steering load. Ideal for moving industrial cabinets, vaults, safes, boxes, pallets, or any other cubed or flat sided objects or machines. 

Description: The highest reliability, ease of use, and function. 
Employs superior technology, engineering, and manufacturing quality. 
Load plate is constructed of a diamond plate for quality and endurance. 
Large diameter rollers with ball bearings allow the lifting dollies to roll easily for precision control and steering. Moves loads safely even at the maximum rated capacity. 

Roller Type: 
  • Polyurethane - Floor protective for smooth, painted, finished, or sealed floors 
How to Operate: Slightly tilt load on one side to position dolly's loading platform under load. Use a crowbar to create a gap under load if necessary. Repeat on other side of load with second dolly. Strap dollies to load with tie-downs. Winch / jack up load. Now roll!

Includes: (2) two dollies, and (2) two tie down straps 

WARNING: Never exceed rated capacity!
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