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Double Adjustable Loop Slings

Transformer Sling - Two Adjustable Loops

Quick Info: Transformer Sling - Double Adjustable Looped Ends

Country of Origin: USA

How It Works: The loops are adjustable. Tension from lifting causes this loop to lock without creeping. Slings can be pulled tight around an object, and under lifting tension the loop will not tighten further preventing cutting into the load. Loops are easy to reopen after lifting.

Application: Adjustable rope slings are used by linemen to lift, move, and install transformers. Also used to wrap around smaller loads without strangling it during the lift.

Description: Synthetic rope sling containing two adjustable looped ends. Adjustable loops are loosened and tightened by pulling the loose tail ends through what is known as a ‘long bury eye splice’ or simply ‘bury.’ 

The tail end slides through the bury to adjust loops. Like a Chinese finger trap, the bury tightens with tension. Sleeve protects central lift point.

Quality Standard: Each sling is tagged with capacity information.

Includes: (1) one sling  

WARNING: Never exceed rated capacity!

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Model Diameter (in) Color Adjustable Length (ft) Vertical Hitch Capacity (lbs) Basket Hitch Capacity (lbs) Weight (lbs) Usually Ships Within Price More Info QTY
AS22030 0.5 Blue 2 - 4 ft 2200 4400 2 5 - 7 days $38.06 Details
AS22040 0.6 Red 3 - 4 ft 3200 6400 2 5 - 7 days $77.19 Details
AS22050 0.8 Green 4 - 4 ft 4200 8400 3 5 - 7 days $53.64 Details
Total: $0.00