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JUNG - Battery Powered Machine Skates - Set - Load Capacity 50 tons - Pulling Capacity 50 tons

JUNG - Battery Powered Machine Skates - Set - Load Capacity 50 tons - Pulling Capacity 50 tons

Model: EP25B40
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Quick Info

  • Joystick controls speed, left-right, forward-back and stop
  • Quick recharge time
  • One man operation, no need for towing vehicle
  • Full wireless remote control allows for safe operation from a distance
  • Lifetime technical support on all machine skates
Product Description & Specifications

Product Description

Manufacturer / Country of Origin: JUNG / Made in Germany

Application: Remote operated transport machine skate system designed for moving heavy loads. Skate system eliminates the need for additional towing vehicles. Ideal where space is limited.

Description: Powered by an onboard battery pack. Remotely control the front steerable skate with seamless variable speeds and 360° (degrees) maneuverability. Front skate provides propulsion and is freely steerable under full load. Wireless remote control regulates forward / reverse / stop, left / right motion, and speed. Two (2) straight line non-powered skates follow in the rear. Runs continuously under full load for 5-6 hours (30 ton unit) and 3-4 hours (50 ton unit) under ideal conditions of a flat smooth surface.

Wheel Type:

  • Patented JUWAthan & JUWAmid: Resilient & durable. Will not mark or damage floors, and provide easier steering and rolling at max capacity.

Quality Standard: Comes with a 5 year manufacturer's warranty on non-electrical components, a 1 year warranty on electrical components, and Lifetime Technical support.  Replacement parts available at cost.

Set Includes: (1) one battery powered FRONT steerable skate, (2) two REAR straight-line non-powered skates with connecting bars, (1) one wireless remote control (with battery, 110V charger, and belt holder), and (1) one high performance 110V charger

WARNING: Never exceed rated capacity!


  • Capacity (tons) 50
  • Charge Time (hrs) 5-7
  • Height (in) 9.1
  • Manufacturer JUNG
  • Max Speed at Full Load (ft/min) 33 ft / minute
  • Pull Capacity (tons) 50
  • Run Time (hrs) 3 to 4 hrs
  • Set Capacity (tons) 50
  • Set Weight (lbs) 2300
  • Usually Ships Within Same Day
  • Weight (lbs) 2300
  • Wheel Diameter (in) 7.9