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JUNG - Battery Powered Machine Skates - Set - Load Capacity 10 tons - Pulling Capacity 10 tons

JUNG - Battery Powered Machine Skates - Set - Load Capacity 10 tons - Pulling Capacity 10 tons

Model: EP5B15
Usually Ships Within: Varies, please call



Quick Info

  • Joystick controls speed, left-right, forward-back and stop
  • Quick recharge time
  • One man operation, no need for towing vehicle
  • Full wireless remote control allows for safe operation from a distance
  • Lifetime technical support on all machine skates
Product Description & Specifications

Product Description

Manufacturer / Country of Origin: JUNG / Made in Germany

Application: Remote operated transport machine skate system designed for moving heavy loads. Skate system eliminates the need for additional towing vehicles. Ideal where space is limited.

Description: Powered by an onboard battery pack. Remotely control the front steerable skate with seamless variable speeds and 360 degrees maneuverability. Front skate provides propulsion and is freely steerable under full load. Wireless remote control regulates forward / reverse / stop, left / right motion, and speed. Two (2) straight line non-powered skates follow in the rear. Runs continuously under full load for 5-6 hours (30 ton unit) and 3-4 hours (50 ton unit) under ideal conditions of a flat smooth surface.

Wheel Type:

  • Patented JUWAthan & JUWAmid: Resilient & durable. Will not mark or damage floors, and provide easier steering and rolling at max capacity.

Quality Standard: Comes with a 5 year manufacturer's warranty on non-electrical components, a 1 year warranty on electrical components, and Lifetime Technical support.  Replacement parts available at cost.

Set Includes: (1) one battery powered FRONT steerable skate, (2) two REAR straight-line non-powered skates with connecting bars, (1) one wireless remote control (with battery, 110V charger, and belt holder), and (1) one high performance 110V charger

WARNING: Never exceed rated capacity!


  • Capacity (tons) 10
  • Charge Time (hrs) 5-7
  • Height (in) 7.1
  • Load Capacity (tons) 10
  • Manufacturer JUNG
  • Max Speed at Full Load (ft/min) 33 ft / minute
  • Pull Capacity (tons) 10
  • Run Time (hrs) 6 to 7 hrs
  • Set Capacity (tons) 10
  • Set Weight (lbs) 520
  • Usually Ships Within Varies, please call
  • Weight (lbs) 520
  • Wheel Diameter (in) 5.5