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Professional Rotating Dolly - Set of 4

Professional Rotating Dolly - Set of 4

Quick Info: 360° Maneuverability - Patented Roller Material - Rolls & Turns Easily at Max Capacity - Reliability for Daily Use

Manufacturer / Country of Origin: JUNG / Made in Germany
Application: Ideal for moving heavy loads where space is limited or confined. Used in applications where 360 degrees maneuverability is a must for placing or adjusting critical loads.
Description: Moves loads sideways and around corners with 360° (degrees) rollers. Patented rollers will not leave marks or damage floors.A durable coated frame and galvanized axles provide years of reliable use in industrial settings.The roller housings are outfitted with thrust bearing, and (2) two axial bearings for easy rotation. Multiple narrow rollers per foot optimize ease of turning.The omni-directional dollies will follow in any direction without the need for steering.o be used in most applications without a pulling handle. An optional pulling handle may be used to pull,as well as to control the load from any run-away danger. Optionally, the dolly may be attached directly to the load via the center mount hole.
The 3 - 8 ton models are also outfitted with slots on the side to accommodate tie-down straps.

Roller Material:

  • JUWAmid: Exceptional rolling and turning characteristics. Slick to the touch, non-marking roller material specifically engineered to reduce turning resistance and friction. 
  • JUWAthan: Superior floor protective roller material for heavier loads.

Quality Standard: Comes with a Lifetime Technical Support.
Meets or exceeds current safety standard ANSI/ASME B30.1.
Includes: (4) four individual dollies - Optional pulling handle is sold separately.

Click Here for further pictures, videos, technical information, and engineering drawings.

WARNING: Using the rotating dollies on slopes and uneven ground may cause the load to turn into a run-away load. Dollies are for use on level floors only! Never exceed rated capacity!

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Product Education

Example of Application Pictures

Roller Material

The Professional Rotating Dollies are outfitted with one of two different rollers. The 1.5 to 8 tons dollies use specially formulated JUWAmid rollers, which decreases breakout and rolling resistance for easy turning. The non-marking rollers also offer superior floor protection against wear and tear. The JUWAmid material is made to be slick to the touch, which simulates the feel of rolling over a thin layer of oil, greatly decreasing friction during movement. Black JUWAmid rollers are safe for all floor types, including tile and sensitive epoxy.

The 10 and14 tons Professional Rotating Dollies are outfitted with patented JUWAthan rollers.  Yellow JUWAthan is a specially formulated material, which offers extremely high durability and elasticity.  This elasticity provides a soft cushion for superior floor protection while moving heavier loads.

Dolly Design

Created for ease of movement with the heaviest of loads, Professional Rotating Dollies are outfitted with rollers which are mounted inside rotating housings. This allows for the 360 degrees movement without having to adjust the dollies. Unlike traditional wide rollers, the rotating housings each have multiple narrow rollers that care capable of turning in opposite directions during rotation.  This action reduces friction and increases ease of movement. All dollies are equipped with a center drilled mounting hole. The 3 to 8 ton models are also outfitted with slots on the side to accommodate tie-down straps.    


An optional pulling handle accessory may be attached to the rotating dolly via its side arm.  It may be used for pulling and steering, however it is most often used for controlling the load against run away dangers.  The dollies may also be used by pushing directly on the load.

More Info 

Additional pictures, videos, technical information, and engineering drawings are available at