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JUWAthan H Wheel (Yellow) - Full-size - Dia 7.9in Width 6.7in - Fits JUNG AB40-130

JUWAthan H Wheel (Yellow) - Full-size - Dia 7.9in Width 6.7in - Fits JUNG AB40-130

Model: Wheel-H-full
Usually Ships Within: Same Day



Quick Info

  • Non-marking & non-damaging on the most sensitive floors
  • Patented elasticity creates a much more durable wheel
  • Easier steering, rolling, & breakouts from stand still
  • Original JUNG OEM part
Product Description & Specifications

Product Description

Manufacturer: JUNG

Description: The durable patented JUWAthan wheels have an elasticity that spreads out under weight. This creates a larger footprint, drastically reducing pressure on the floor, making JUWAthan wheels non-marking & non-floor damaging to even tiled or epoxy floors. The elasticity molds around obstacles on the floor, eliminating punctures or imbedded materials in the wheels. It also allows the wheel to bridge small ledges and gaps. The resilience of the JUWAthan material enables loads to sit on top of dollies for an extended period of time. Encased ball bearings prevent contamination from dirt and debris in the work place.

Type: Full Wide Roller

Choosing the Correct Wheel Size: Fits any JUNG dolly with Individual Capacity of 40, 60, 80, and 120 tons. Set Capacities of 80 or 120 tons. These dollies have an overall height of 9.1 and 9.4 inches.

Includes: (1) one wheel


  • Capacity (lbs) 11000
  • Usually Ships Within Same Day
  • Weight (lbs) 45
  • Wheel Diameter (in) 7.9