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Leg Support Dollies

Leg Support Dollies

Quick Info: Cast Semi-Steel Body (*Super Duty is Stainless Steel) - Recessed Cup Center - Rolls Any Direction - Capacities: 225 to 3500 lbs

Application: For moving items with legs, support feet, or anything with posts.

Description: Swivel wheels in a tripod arrangement move these compact triangular dollies anywhere you need them to go. Simply place each leg, foot, or post of an item in the dolly cup and roll away!

Wheel Types: 
  • Semi-Steel: Built for high capacity and ease of rolling, while resisting abrasions & high temperatures where floor protection is not an issue.
  • Bondcelon: High heat & pressure molded macerated fabric impregnated with phenolic resin. Non-marking, non-sparking, and resistant to heat, shock, water, oils, grease, animal fats, and commonly used acids & detergent solutions.
  • Soft Rubber: Quiet operation & maximum protection on hard surfaced floors. Resists abrasion while being resilient and non-sparking.
  • Hard Rubber: Non-sparking, ease of rolling, quiet operation, and excellent protection on most firm floors. 
  • Bondrelene: Non-marking ease of rolling withstands high impact, & heat resistance. Impervious to water, grease, oil, gasoline, cooking fats, and most acids.
  • Tuffbond: Non-marking and virtually unbreakable. Non-conductive, anti-static, & non-magnetic while impervious to water and most chemicals in extreme cold & heat.
  • Polyurethane: Non-marking, non-staining, and floor protective. Resistant to oil, grease, water, and most solvents.
Industry Names: Also known as 'cup dollies', 'cup casters', or 'material handling dollies'.

Includes:  (1) one leg support dolly 

WARNING: Never exceed rated capacity!
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