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Leg Support Dollies

Leg Support Dollies

Items: Leg Support Dollies - Light Duty, Medium Duty, Heavy Duty, & Super Duty - Load Capacities: 225 to 3,500 lbs 

Application: Used to move restaurant ovens, industrial equipment with support feet, or anything with posts 

Description: Compact triangular shaped dollies come with a recessed center - Place dolly under each post or leg of the item you intend to move, and roll - Swivel wheels and tripod wheel arrangement will allow the load to move in any direction

Roller Types: Semi-Steel - Bondcelon - Hard or Soft Tread Black Rubber -  Bondrelene - Tuffbond - Polyurethane  (Please see below for wheel descriptions) 

Industry Names: Also known as 'cup dollies' or 'cup casters'

Includes:  (1) one leg support dolly 

WARNING: Never exceed rated capacity!
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Product Education

Wheel Choices:

  1. Semi-Steel: Choose when weight bearing and ease of rolling are the primary considerations, with floor protection being secondary - Excellent in high heat applications
  2. Bondcelon: High weight capacity wheels used in a variety of conditions; high heat, water, grease, oils, animal fats, acids, and detergents - Made from macerated fabric impregnated with phenolic resin
  3. Rubber Tread: High grade hard and soft rubber tread wheels - Used for providing maximum floor protection - Hard tread is used when a higher weight capacity is required
  4. Bondrelene: Hard, black plastic wheels - Easy to start and roll - Also impervious to grease, oil, gasoline, cooking fats, and most acids
  5. Tuffbond: Hard white plastic wheels with a high weight capacity, wide temperature range, non-marking, non-shedding, anti-static, non-absorbent, and impervious to most chemicals