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Light Duty - Container Dollies

Light Duty - Container Dollies - Set of (4) Four

Quick Info: Freight Container Dollies - Set of (4) Four - Light Duty - Steel Rollers - Set Capacity: 12 tons

Application: Designed for moving empty and small containers on level floors in warehouses and factories. For reference, an empty 40 ft container weighs approx 8,500 lbs.

Description: Fits any size ISO container with corner castings / fittings. Dolly is mounted with a tube-like spike that inserts into each ISO container corner hole fitting. This prevents the dolly from slipping out while pulling and pushing. Rollers swivel 360° (degrees) providing the load with straight / side / rotational maneuverability. Rollers are made from steel and are outfitted with ball bearings.

Set Includes: (4) four freight container dollies

WARNING: Load capacity is reduced when center of gravity location is not centered. Dollies will only work on flat, SMOOTH LEVEL surfaces. Use on UNEVEN ground can cause dangerous separation between the dolly and load. Use on DECLINES / INCLINES can cause run-away loads. Never exceed rated capacity!

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Model Set Capacity (tons) Capacity Per Dolly (tons) Top Spike Height (in) Top Spike Width (in) Roller Diameter (in) Height to Top of Fitting (in) Set Weight (lbs) Quantity Usually Ships Within Price More Info QTY
MM00110 12 3 1.63 2.4 6 10.25 620 Set of 4 2 weeks $5,605.75 Details
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  • Never exceed working load limits!

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