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Light Duty - Hand Chain Hoist

Light Duty - Hand Chain Hoist

Items: Hand Chain Hoists - Light Duty - Load Capacity 0.5 to 2 tons - Standard Lifts: 10, 15, & 20 feet

Application: For lifting in construction work, mining, manufacturing, shipbuilding and day-to-day maintenance and repair

Description: Portable and easy to operate - Compact design and low headroom allows for installation in confined areas - Enclosed double ratchet pawls with self-adjusting disc brake standard

Safety Standards: Designed with a safety factor 4 times the rated capacity. 
Individually tested at 150% of the rated capacity. 
Grade 80 black chain tempered to ISO 3077. 
Galvanized pull chain. Hardened two-stage gears. 
Forged steel upper and lower hooks with safety latches.
Meets ANSI B30.16-2003 requirements.

Industry Names: Also known as 'come alongs' and 'lifting hoists'

Includes: (1) hand chain hoist

WARNING: Never exceed rated capacity!
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Product Education

  • Standard lift refers to the distance travelled by the hook from the extended position to the retracted positon.

How NOT to attach hook!

How NOT to attach load!