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Low Profile - Singles - Hilman Rollers - ERS Series

Low Profile - Singles - Hilman Rollers - ERS Series

Manufacturer / Country of Origin: Hilman Rollers / USA

Description: Low profile, high capacity rollers utilize the endless steel chain concept. Basic single roller is designed for straight line motion. Each can be outfitted with a removable swivel attachment for turning and positioning.

Swivel Attachment: May be used with the 360 degree turntable attachment for the ultimate versatility. Minimal height is added to the basic straight-line roller, while providing the ability to make turns without jacking the equipment. A spring-loaded locking pin may be engaged every 45 degrees. Pull pin & turn vertically to disengage locking feature. 

Top Style: 

  • Diamond: Spike-like steel grid able to grip into wood and provide a secure move for crated or palletized equipment.

Includes: (1) one steel chain roller with optional swivel top attachment 

Accessories: Optional turning handles are available.

WARNING: Never exceed rated capacity!

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