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Medium Duty - Lever Hoist

Medium Duty - Lever Hoist

Items: Lever Hoists - Medium Duty - Capacities: 0.75 to 3 tons - Standard Lifts: 5, 10, & 20 feet

Application: Ideal for lifting and pulling applications - Portable and easy to operate - Ideal for confined spaces

Description: Use at any angle - 50% wider hardened ratchet gear - High impact restraint gear case and brake cover - Fully enclosed brake system - Freewheeling in neutral position serves to quickly attach the load or pull the chain through the hoist in both directions - Disc brake standard - Grade 100 alloy chain for more strength and less weight - Upper and lower swivel hooks with deformation indicators - Load chain guide system (allows operation in horizontal position)

Safety Standards: Manufactured to ISO9002 quality standard - Minimum braking load is 4 times the capacity - Tested to 150% of the rated capacity - Issued with an individual test certificate

Industry Names: Also known as 'come alongs' and 'lifting hoists'

Includes: (1) one hoist, and (1) one rugged storage bag (units under 6,000 lbs capacity)

WARNING: Never exceed rated capacity!
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Product Education

  • Standard lift refers to the distance travelled by the hook from the extended position to the retracted positon.

How NOT to attach hook!

How NOT to attach load!