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Money and Gun Safe Dollies

Money and Gun Safe Dollies

Quick Info: Lift and Roll Without Additional Equipment - Ideal for Moving Box-Shaped Loads - Ratchet Straps Included - Colors May Vary

Application: Ideal for moving cabinet/box-shaped loads like gun safes, money vaults, document safes, industrial electrical control panels, server cabinets, refrigerators, heavy boxes, furniture, vending machines, and containers.

Description: The Money and Gun Safe Dollies are capable of lifting and rolling at the same time, without a need for additional jacks. 

A crowbar may be used to create a gap under load if necessary. 

Included ratchet straps hold the dollies securely to the load.


  • Manual: Operated by a wind-up hand crank that turns internal gears to lift the load.
  • Hydraulic: A built in pumping hydraulic jack lifts the load.
  • Tilting: Place the dollies on either side of the object being lifted, then connect the straps dolly to dolly. Ratcheting straps pulls dollies together under load. Now roll. 

Roller Types:

  • Thermoplastic: Occasional home use
  • Phenolic: Regular home use
  • Polyolefin: Semi-Professional
  • Polyurethane: Professional use

Includes: (2) two individual dollies with an attached ratchet strap on each dolly

WARNING: Never exceed rated capacity!

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