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Non-Critical Lift


Much as be published on the subject of critical lifts. In fact, in a previous article in this space, the topic was tackled by giving commonly occurring industry reasons for lifts to be classified as 'critical'. Upon studying such a list of reasons, one quickly develops the nagging question...

What Is Not A Critical Lift? 

As it turns out, it should be obvious that every lift should be taken seriously, and be given ample planning and safety consideration. Nevertheless, the emphasis on critical lifts immediately begs the questions: 1) Is there a lift that should not be considered critical?, 2) What would a non-critical lift checklist look like? To get the answers to these two questions, let's create negating statements for commonly occurring reasons that constitute critical lifts. By so doing we come up with:

A Checklist for Non-critical Lifts

At the very least, every item below must receive a check before a lift can be considered non-critical. A non-critical lift is one that:

Caution: The checklist above is not all-inclusive. Each job must be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

So What's Left? 

Actually not much. Given safety implications and the risk involved in even simple, non-complicated lifts, some people would argue that every lift should be considered critical.