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Nylon Bull Dolly

Nylon Bull Dolly

Items: Nylon Bull Dolly - Individual Skate - Capacities: 1 to 6 tons

Manufacturer: Hilman Rollers

Application: Ideal for positioning and moving heavy loads, either in a straight line or where turns are needed

Description: High capacity low profile machine moving dolly with nylon rollers 

Roller Type: Nylon - An all-purpose wheel that is floor protective, very durable, but may mark floors

Top Styles:  
  • Padded Top: Built-in neoprene pad - Allows for some compression and provides a non-slip surface - For moving on less than perfect floors or for moving metal based machines
  • Diamond Top: Spike-like steel grid able to grip into wood and provide a secure move for crated or palletized equipment 
  • Smooth Top: Smooth steel top - Ideal for mounting the rollers to equipment or as a base unit for a variety of top modifications
  • Swivel: For turns, even in the tightest of corners, use the swivel skates - Come with lockable turntables, called 'swivel-locking' tops - Spring-loaded locks can engage every 45° (degrees) 
  • Rigid: For straight line moves
Includes: (1) one bull dolly - Optional steering handles are available for turning the swivel type skates 

WARNING: Never exceed rated capacity!
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Product Education

Top Styles: 

The pattern of the top plate should be selected in accordance with the application. Four basic patterns are available:

Diamond: Diamond tops have a spike-like steel grid able to grip into wood and provide a secure move for crated or palletized equipment.

Padded: Padded tops with built-in neoprene pad allow some compression and provide a non-slip surface, a versatile choice for moving on less than perfect floor or for moving metal based machines

Diamond grid: Diamond top pattern where more aggressive load-gripping traction is required.

Smooth: Smooth tops have smooth steel top, ideal for mounting the rollers to equipment or as a base unit for a variety of top modifications.


Roller Material Characteristics:

Nylon: Nylon roller material is an all-purpose wheel that allows for good floor protection with high durability. The wheels will not sag and deform if left under the load for a period of time. The hard material rolls easily but when encountering an obstacle, debris can get embedded causing the roller material to crack over time.

Polyurethane: Polyurethane roller material provides even better floor protection that their nylon counterparts with good durability. Poly is a softer wheel that provides excellent floor protection for smooth, painted, finished, sealed or tiled floors. Soft roller sags under max load, as a result it is slightly more difficult to roll. It is resistant against embedding of debris.

Steel: Steel roller material provides the best wear characteristics with the highest durability compared to nylon or poly. This roller material is ideal for non-sensitive, durable floors in rough and tough environments such as construction areas. Rolls easily. Steel will possibly scratch floors especially during turns.


Example of Different Capacities:

1 ton dolly has 2 rollers

3 ton dolly has 4 rollers

6 ton dolly has 8 rollers


Example Photos: