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Nylon Sling - Twisted Eye and Eye - 3 Ply - Width 2 in - Length 6 ft

Used in a vertical hitch, choker hitch, and basket hitch arrangements Applications were minimal damage to the load surface finish is important Meets or exceeds overhead lifting safety standards under ASME B30.9 Sewn in the USA
Basket Hitch (lbs) 16600 Choker Hitch (lbs) 6600 Number of Plys Three Ply Nylon Sling Color Yellow Pull to Pull Length (ft) 6 SKU Old TEEC3-802-x6 Sling Width (in) 2 Usually Ships Within 1 - 3 days Vertical Hitch (lbs) 8300 Weight (lbs) 1
Purchase Nylon Sling - Twisted Eye and Eye - 3 Ply - Width 2 in - Length 6 ft
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    Model: AS16350

    Usually Ships Within: 1 - 3 days


Information For Model AS16350

Item: Nylon Web Sling - Twisted Eye & Eye - (3) Three Ply - Width: 2 inches - Length: 6 feet

Application: For overhead lifting, material handling, cranes, and general purpose rigging - A versatile sling adaptable for use in a vertical hitch, choker hitch, and basket hitch.

Description: This twisted eye and eye sling is a Class 7 web sling, made from nylon material. The Type 4 nylon sling is identical to the Type 3 flat eye and eye sling except the flat nylon loop eyes are rotated 90° (degrees) to the plane of the main sling body. Referred to as twisted eye & eye sling, it carries the same "TEE" designation. The rotated plane of the eyes promotes an improved choker hitch. When using the basket hitch arrangement, the two rotated eyes join compactly.

The twisted eye and eye nylon sling is lightweight, flexible, and relatively soft.  It's suitable in applications were minimal damage to the load's surface finish is important. Exposures to certain chemicals and high temperature are important considerations when choosing a nylon lifting product. Nylon webbing is resistant to most regularly encountered chemicals with the exception of moderate strength acids and bleaches. Elevated temperatures (above 200° degree F) significantly reduce the rated load capacity of the nylon sling. While not as much of a problem, prolonged exposure to sunlight results in UV degradation of the nylon web sling.

Working load limits vary depending on the angle of use. The capacity is reduced as the angle of use declines. The capacity of the nylon sling is always highest at a 90° (degree) angle (vertical hitch) of use and smallest at an angle of 30° (degrees), or less. Please refer to the education section (see 'Educational' tab below) for more information.

Quality: Sewn in the USA with the name of the manufacturer sewn-in for traceability and quality assurance - Bears a tag displaying the rated capacity - Meets or exceeds overhead lifting safety standards under ASME B30.9

The Difference: Low quality products can cause injury and damage. Look-a-like nylon slings, often found at lower prices, are also often advertised to conform to the same safety standards, if at all. Be aware that it may refer to safety ratings in effect decades ago. So for example, under the same safety standard a decade ago, a nylon sling may be rated to 100% without proof load testing while today it may be 300% with proof load testing. Be assured that we only sell the highest quality nylon slings and our advertised safety standards conform to the current ASME standards.

Industry Names: A Nylon Sling for lifting is also called a 'webbing sling', 'web sling', or 'synthetic web slings'.  A Nylon Strap is referred to as a tie-down. 

Includes: (1) one Nylon sling