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Deluxe Load Machine Skate - Rear - 9 Tons Capacity

Patented JUWAthan Rollers will not damage floors or leave marks Low Profile keeps load close to the ground Mix & match individual moving dollies to fit oddly shaped loads Steel components are powder-coated or galvanized for corrosion resistance Lifetime Technical Support on all rigging skates
Certifications Meets ASME B30.1 Connecting Bar Length (in) 48.5 Height (in) 4.3 Length (in) 13 Load Capacity (tons) 9 SKU Old J09B-Rear Usually Ships Within Same Day Weight (lbs) 87 Width (in) 15
Purchase Deluxe Load Machine Skate - Rear - 9 Tons Capacity
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    Model: JU00180

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Information For Model JU00180

Item: Professional Load Roller Dolly - Rear Unit - Individual Skate - Capacity: 9 tons - Patented JUWAthan Rollers

Manufacturer / Country of Origin: JUNG / Made in Germany 

Application: Roll heavy loads easily from point A to point B with less effort - Used by NASA, US MILITARY, the NUCLEAR INDUSTRY, and manufacturers moving vital loads - Applications range from military defense system, nuclear power plant applications, the transport of sensitive material, furnaces, and other material handling applications of the utmost importance

Description: Mix and match these steerable front dollies and rear straight-line dollies to any configuration - Rollers have low rolling restistance and are outfitted with sealed precision ball bearings - Low profile keeps load close to the ground - All roller dollies are outfitted with non-slip pads on their tops - 3-Point dolly system won't slip out from under the load, even when pulling and tugging -  Industrial machine roller dollies with highest reliability, durability, and safety standard - Reliability for frequent daily use - Extremely durable even under toughest working conditions - Skates are interchangeable with all models dating back 30 years - All steel components are powder coated or galvanized for corrosion resistance
  • Rear: Rigid straight line moves - Distance between the rear dollies is adjustable - Can be connected using the spreader bar to ensure that the dollies will be kept parallel - Use of connecting bar is highly recommended for optimal stability
Roller Type: Patented JUWAthan (advanced Polyurethane) - Will not damage, scratch, or mark floors 

Quality Standard: 5 year warranty - Lifetime technical support - Replacement parts available at cost - Meets safety standard ASME B30.1 

Includes: Rear straight-line unit - (2) two straight-line rear dollies, and (1) one connecting bar 

WARNING: Never exceed rated capacity!