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Professional Toe Jacks

Professional Toe Jacks

Items: Professional Toe Jacks - Hydraulic - Hand Operated - Adjustable Toe Height - Capacities: 5 to 20 tons

Manufacturer / Country of Origin: JUNG / Made in Germany

Application: Machine, cargo, heavy load lifting, rigging, relocating industrial machinery, moving shipyard equipment, moving items during bridge and plant construction, emergency rescue lift after earthquake, or building collapse - Used by NASA, US Military, the nuclear industry, and by manufacturers moving vital loads  

Description: Patented Slide Shoe technology keeps the toe jack housing upright to help prevent kick outs - Grab under low clearance load with high strength, low profile toe - Quickly and conveniently adjust the toe height to any starting position - Precise lowering knob control for gently and safely lowering the load - Overload protection valve prevents damage to each jack when operating - Stable and safe support in any position with the slide shoe design and swivel feet, which adapt to available clearance - Lift from the toe or with the top head of the jack - Tip and roll jack for easy transport - Replacement parts available at cost  

Quality / Safety Standard: 5 year warranty - Lifetime technical support - Meets or exceeds current safety standard ASME B30.1

Includes: (1) one toe jack, and (1) one pumping handle

Warning: Never exceed rated capacity!
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Model Load Capacity (tons) Stroke (in) Jack Height Retracted (in) Min Toe Height Starting Position (in) Max Toe Height Starting Position (in) Usable Toe Depth (in) Weight (lbs) Usually Ships Within Price More Info QTY
JU00490 5 5.5 11 0.5 6.2 2 55 Same Day $1,409.00 Details
JU00500 10 5.9 12.2 0.6 7.1 2.2 70 Same Day $2,116.00 Details
JU00510 15 6.9 12.2 0.8 8.1 2.6 125 Same Day $3,063.00 Details
JU00520 20 7.5 13.4 0.8 8.9 2.6 150 Same Day $4,126.00 Details
Total: $0.00

Product Education

Example Photos:


Slide shoe design

The most important feature of this toe jack is not visible from the outside. It is called a slide shoe design. What is it and how does it work?

When lifting with the toe, the jack will want to lean forward. This now causes the jack to want to kick out plus the piston inside of the jack gets twisted forward. As the piston is now raised and lowered while it is twisted during the lifting process, it grinds and chips away at the shaft. This problem is common to all toe jacks.

The solution is the slide shoe design.

The silver boot carrying the lifting toe travels inside a shaft (red housing). Inside this shaft are half-moon shaped inserts that are recessed into the walls. These half-moons (the slide shoes) will counterbalance the leaning, prevent any damage to the shaft, and will reduce the kick-out tendencies. The slide shoe feature is patent protected and is exclusively build into these JUNG jacks. It cannot be found on any other toe jack.

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Further technical information, pictures, videos, engineering drawings, etc. on our toe jacks is also available at