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Rais-N-Rol Machine Dollies

Rais-N-Rol Machine Dollies

Items: Rais-N-Roll Hydraulic Pump Lift - Set of (2) Two - Capacities per Pair: 2,000 to 10,000 lbs 

Application: Lift, then roll without additional equipment - Moves cabinet shaped loads like industrial control panels, industrial electrical panels, large heavy safes, server cabinets, refrigerators or rectangular shaped machines 

Description: Outfitted with adjustable width forks to accommodate different shaped loads - Forks will grab under and lift the load - Easy lifting and controlled lowering with a built-in hand operated hydraulic jack - Swivel casters roll in any direction - Hooks for attachment of ratchet strap type load binders - Fork spikes on the end of the forks to help add stability and support - 5 year warranty on frame -  Comes in either 'standard width' for travelling through narrow doorways or 'wide' to accommodate larger loads in warehouses and factories

How To Operate: Position the dolly forks under available clearance of load - Repeat on other side with second dolly - Dollies are strapped with tie-downs upright and flush to loads - Jack up load - Now roll 

Roller Types: 
  • Phenolic - Resistant to oil, grease and some liquids, may mark floors
  • Polyurethane - Floor protective for smooth, painted, finished, or sealed floors
  • Steel - For non-sensitive floors 
Sets Include: (2) two individual dollies - Optional ratchet strap is sold separately (See accessories section below table) 

WARNING: Never exceed rated capacity!
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