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Recessed Industrial Dollies

Recessed Industrial Dollies

Items: Recessed Industrial Dollies - Light Duty, Heavy Duty, - Polyolefin Casters - Capacities: 1,500 to 4,200 lbs 

Country of Origin: Made in the USA 

Application: Designed to move cars, trucks, planes, helicopters, boats, trailers, pipes, and tube shaped industrial loads

Description: Designed with a low-profile crease that securely holds objects in place - Place a dolly under each corner of the load, making the load a rolling cart that will now roll in any direction with ease - Rollers swivel 360° (degrees) - Simple for anyone to move the load in any direction, for precise positioning in confined spaces - Powder coated loading platform is made from very rugged 1/4 inch steel plate

Caster Type: 
  • Polyolefin: Floor protective, very durable, will not mark your floors  
Includes: (1) one recessed center dolly 

WARNING: Never exceed rated capacity!
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