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Fork Rhino - Forklift Tow Hitch

Fork Rhino - Forklift Tow Hitch

Quick Info: Fork Rhino Forklift Tow Hitch Attachments - Ball Hitch or Receiver - Capacity: 6,000 lbs

Country of Origin: United States

Application: Designed to allow the operator to move heavy loads while having the load in front of him. In standard applications the operator is towing the load, which limits visibility. Provides better visibility and control over positioning and placement of loads.

Description: Fork Rhino is 1/3 the size and over 50% lighter than most traditional trailer spotters. 

Outfitted with 6 inches wide fork pockets and space saving handle design. 

Limiting pins prevent the hitch from sliding toward the forklift. Prevent sliding off the forks tips with a shackle and chain (chain not included). 

Eliminates uneven fork sag and uncontrolled fork swing. Evenly spreads the load weight to both forks. 

Lightweight, easy to pick up, move, and stow away. Meets OSHA standards.

  • Ball Hitch: Equipped with a towing ball that comes in one of three sizes; 1 7/ 8 inch, 2 inches, or 2 5/16 inch
  • Receiver: Equipped with a standard REESE hitch tube that accepts any standard 2 inch square, class 3, or class 4 hitch insert.

Instalment Methods:

  • Shackled Configuration: Rhino restraint system locks the Fork Rhino into place. Use of a binder will prevent jerking action often experienced with other trailer spotters.
  • Pinned Configuration: Fork truck attachment requires that (2) two 17/32 inch holes be drilled in the forks. Holes allow the holding pins to secure the Fork Rhino to the fork truck.

Includes: (1) one Fork Rhino forklift ball hitch or (1) one receiver hitch tow attachment

WARNING: Not for highway or high speed use! Never exceed rated capacity!

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