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Rigger Skates - Level & Climb, Straight-Line

Rigger Skates - Level & Climb, Straight-Line

Items: Rigger Skates - Level & Climb - Rigid Straight Line - Load Capacities: 10 to 50 tons 

Country of Origin: Made in the USA 

Application: Rigger machine skates are for use where ever large machinery, heavy loads, or any other large moves must be moved in a straight line

Description: Designed for moving in a straight line - Has the ability to climb - Features a large footprint for stability and load distribution - Heavy duty machine skate has steel spikes on the top to hold its position under the load - Outfitted with either steel rollers for rough floor conditions or polyurethane rollers to protect sensitive floors - Larger center rollers have a diameter of 3.5 inches - Outside lead rollers have a diameter of 3.25 inches - Climbing ability for easier moving over rough floors, up ramps, and over welds 

Roller Type: 
  • Steel: For non-sensitive floors 
  • Polyurethane: Floor protective for smooth, painted, finished, or sealed floors
Includes: (1) one rigger skate

WARNING: Never exceed rated capacity!
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