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Rocker Top Skate Set- Polyurethane rollers - Set Capacity 40 tons

Made in the USA Rolls over uneven ground while keeping skate safely flush Swivel top rotates 360 Oscillating (up and down) swivel top
Capacity Per Skate (tons) 10 Height (in) 5.37 Length (in) 9 Roller Diameter (in) 3.25 Roller Type Polyurthane SKU Old HH114 Set Capacity (tons) 40 Usually Ships Within 1 - 3 days Weight (lbs) 156 Width (in) 12
Purchase Rocker Top Skate Set- Polyurethane rollers - Set Capacity 40 tons
  • $2,504.00

    Model: HH00270

    Usually Ships Within: 1 - 3 days


Information For Model HH00270

Item: Rocker Top Skates - Set of (4) Four - Swivel - Polyurethane Wheels - Capacity: 40 tons

Country of Origin: Made in the USA

Special Feature: Features a 7 degree oscillating top to help rolling up and down inclined surfaces

Description: These Rocker Top machine skates feature a small footprint and are low profile. The skates are small, mobile, and ideal for easy storage in tool and gang boxes. The swivel top rotates 360° (degrees) and is designed for easier turning of the machine skate under the load. The swivel top locks into a direction through friction with the frame which keeps it firm to the load. The top in addition to rotating also has the ability to oscillate up and down like a see-saw. This feature gives the skate the name 'Rocker Top Skate'. This allows the skate to roll heavy loads over hill-like floors (for example: floors with depressions created in the floor for drainage). The 'Rocking' top allows the machine skate to go over an uneven ground while keeping the skate safely flush with the load. The tops have a flat steel surface and are removable for permanent installation. Each skate is equipped with a non-removable positioning bar to help move the skate under the load and to help turn the skate. WARNING: ALWAYS use an appropriate tool to manipulate the positioning bar, NEVER put hands, arms, legs or ANY body part under a load.

Applications: For the movement of machines, heavy crates, industrial equipment, and heavy loads

Roller Type:

  • Polyurethane - protects sensitive floors
  • Steel - for rough floor conditions

Set Includes: (4) four rocker top swivel skates

WARNING:  Never exceed rated capacity!