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Rocker Top Skate - Steel Rollers - Capacity: 12.5 tons

Rocker Top Skate - Steel Rollers - Capacity: 12.5 tons

Model: HH00210
Usually Ships Within: 1 - 3 days



Quick Info

  • Made in the USA
  • Low profile with small footprint
  • Swivel top rotates 360 degrees
  • Oscillating (up and down) swivel top
Product Description & Specifications

Product Description

Quick Info: Rocker Top Skates - Individual - Swivel - Capacity: 10 tons

Country of Origin: Made in the USA 

Application: For the movement of machines, heavy crates, industrial equipment, and heavy loads.

Description: Rocker top machine skates have a small footprint and a low profile. Features a 7 degree 'see-saw' rocking top to help rolling up and down inclined and uneven surfaces. Swivel top rotates 360 degrees and is designed for easier turning of the skate under the load. Swivel top locks into a direction through friction with the frame which keeps it firm to the load. Tops have a flat steel surface and are removable for permanent installation. Equipped with a removable positioning bar to help move the skate under the load and to help turn the skate. Skates are small, mobile, and ideal for easy storage in tool and gang boxes.

Roller Type: 
  • Steel: For non-sensitive floors. 
Includes: (1) one rocker top swivel skate, and (1) one positioning bar

WARNING: Never exceed rated capacity! Not recommended for resting loads for extended periods and not for rough surfaces.


  • Axle Type Hardened
  • Capacity (tons) 12.5
  • Height (in) 5.5
  • Length (in) 9
  • Load Capacity (tons) 12.5
  • Removable Handle Length (in) 12
  • Roller Diameter (in) 3.25
  • Roller Type Steel
  • Usually Ships Within 1 - 3 days
  • Weight (lbs) 45
  • Width (in) 6.5