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Rocker Top Skates

Rocker Top Skates

Quick Info: Rocker Top Skates - Individuals - Swivel - Load Capacities: 10 to 12.5 tons 

Country of Origin: Made in the USA 

Application: For the movement of machines, heavy crates, industrial equipment, and heavy loads

Description: Rocker top machine skates have a small footprint and a low profile - Features a 7° (degree) 'see-saw' rocking top to help rolling up and down inclined and uneven surfaces - Swivel top rotates 360° (degrees) and is designed for easier turning of the skate under the load - Swivel top locks into a direction through friction with the frame which keeps it firm to the load - Tops have a flat steel surface and are removable for permanent installation - Equipped with a non-removable positioning bar to help move the skate under the load and to help turn the skate - Skates are small, mobile, and ideal for easy storage in tool and gang boxes

Roller Type: 
  • Polyurethane: Floor protective for smooth, painted, finished, or sealed floors 
  • Steel: For non-sensitive floors 
Includes: (1) one rocker top swivel skate 

WARNING: ALWAYS use an appropriate tool to manipulate the positioning bar - NEVER put hands, arms, legs or any body part under a load - Never exceed rated capacity!
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Model Capacity (tons) Length (in) Width (in) Height (in) Roller Diameter (in) Roller Type Weight (lbs) Usually Ships Within Price More Info QTY
HH00230 10 9 12 5.37 3.25 Polyurethane 39 1 - 3 days $626.00 Details
HH00210 12.5 9 12 5.37 3.25 Steel 45 1 - 3 days $523.00 Details
Total: $0.00