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Bottle Jacks

Bottle Jacks

Items: Hydraulic Bottle Jacks - Service Ranges: 6.75 to 20.125 inches - Load Capacities: 2 to 100 tons 

Manufacturer / Country of Origin: Zinko / Japan 

Application: Operates upright, angled, and horizontally - *NOTE: Stroke is reduced by 40% when used in horizontal position

Description: Heavy duty industrial type bottle jack - Welded steel construction means less metal fatigue - Fast and easy width adjustments, with a built-in width adjustment indicator - Base forging method increases resistance to high pressure which gives a degree of durability and performance not found in any other comparable product - Special grade steel results in high durability and helps to prevent rust - Casting, cylinder, and base are joined by an electric welding method for high strength and leak prevention - Needle valve allows you to control the lowering of the ram - Heat-treated extension screws provide a low pickup height adjustment and maximum lift height - *NOTE: For 35 ton models and above - A safety valve protects the hydraulic system from overload damage 

Includes: (1) one Zinko bottle jack, and (1) one pumping handle 

WARNING: Never exceed rated capacity!
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