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Standard Fork Fangs - Set - Includes 4 pieces

Bind Capacity per Set (lbs) 4400 Bind Capacity per Strap (lbs) N/A Capacity each bracket (lbs) 1100 Each Bracket Capacity (lbs) 1100 Fits Fork Heights (in) 1.25 - 2.0 Fits Fork Widths (in) 4.0 - 6.0 Length (ft) N/A Quantity 4 piece set SKU Old TFF-01 Usually Ships Within Same Day Version Standard Weight (lbs) 30 Width (in) N/A
Purchase Standard Fork Fangs - Set - Includes 4 pieces
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    Model: JU00690

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Information For Model JU00690

Item: 'Fork Fang' Forklift Tie-Down Clamps - Fixed Eye Bolt - Set of (4) Four - Bind Capacity per Set: 4,400 lbs

Type: Fits fork sizes: 4 to 6 inches width and 1.5 to 2.0 inches thickness

Applications: Forklift tie-down clamps called 'Fork Fangs' safely secure a heavy load to the forks of a forklift

Brand / Manufacturer / Country of Origin: Fork Fangs / JUNG / Germany

Description: Provides secure attachment points and stationary stops for load stability during lifting and transport - Screw type clamps are block-type forklift fork clamps with compression bolts - Eye type clamps are heavy-duty specially fabricated eye style fittings that slide over fork - Galvanized to prevent rust and corrosion - For use with nylon tie-downs and binder chains

Size & Compatibility: Fork Fangs (patent pending) are adjustable in width and height to fit most standard forklift fork sizes - See size chart below

Version: Standard version with fixed eye bolts for strapping in-line

Use: Slide screw type clamps to rear area of forks and clamp securely in place by tightening bolts - Grab the load with the forks - Slide Eye Type Clamps onto the front of the forks - Run appropriate sling or chain from rear Screw Type clamps to front Eye Type Clamps overtop of load and secure - Use with any nylon straps or load binder chains matching the needed capacity

Set Includes: (4) four pieces - (2) two 'eye' and (2) two 'screw' forklift tie-down clamps

WARNING: NOT for overhead lifting or suspending of loads! - Never exceed rated capacity!